It can have massive implications on your life

“There have been may difficult days in my life. Adrienne has made them easier to bare. To me that is something of great importance that I will be every greatful for. Thank you with much love and kindness.”

redundancy job loss psychotherapy help

Shattering experience

Being made redundant can be a shattering experience. There can be major financial implications; how to pay your rent or mortgage, pay the bills, buy food for the family.

Not wanted

There can also be a sense of failure, of not being good enough. You may think ‘why me and not X’, ‘I’m better at my job than Y is, but they got to stay’, ‘I thought the bosses liked me. Valued me’.

You can also start to believe that no one will want to employ you, that you will never find another job. This can really affect your mood, and your sense of purpose and self-belief.

redundancy job loss psychotherapy help
redundancy job loss psychotherapy help

Who am I without my job?

Often how we think about ourselves is bound up in what we do for a loving, what we do can define in our minds who we are.

Losing your job can lead to your sense of self being disrupted, to losing sense of who you are and what you are for.


However, though it can be hard to recognise it, redundancy can also be an opportunity. A chance to reflect on what else you might want to do; and chance to make a change that you might not have had the courage to go for from the security of your previous job.

I can help you seize the opportunities, to examine your core values and help you to find new purpose and confidence about your place in your world.

redundancy job loss psychotherapy help

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