Divorce/relationship breakdown
Parent/child relationships
Sibling relationships
Loss of a friendship

When a relationship falls apart we are bereft

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Divorce / Relationship Breakdown

relationship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk

Life stress

Divorce or relationship breakdown is one of the biggest life stresses we can experience. That is true whether you have decided to leave, or are the one who was left.


Becoming a single person again can be so difficult when you are used to being part of a couple, and if that is not your choice it can be heart-breaking. You may not know why the relationship has failed, and the not knowing can tear you apart. Working through the betrayal can feel impossible and that is where I can help you.

Parent / Child Relationships


Shock when Parent / Child relationship breaks down

The relationship between parents and children should be the closest, warmest of relationships, so when it breaks down it is especially difficult.

parent child relationship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk
parent child relationship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk

Breakdown with a parent

A breakdown in a relationship with a parent can cause us a huge amount of distress, and when we become an adult it can affect our adult relationships.

Parents are rarely perfect, but sometimes they are unable or unwilling to put their children first and that causes a great deal of hurt.

It may be that one or both of your parents was an addict, or had a personality disorder, or simply could not parent you as you needed.

Relationship with a child

If our relationship with a child breaks down it is heart-breaking. Our child is a part of us and if we lose our relationship with them it can tear us apart.

It could be that your child had had a troubled time, perhaps fallen in with the wrong crowd, or is struggling to make sense of their life.

You may need the space to talk about it without causing more upset in the relationship. If that is the case, I may be the person you can turn to in order to talk through the impact on you, and how you might move forward.

parent child relationship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk

Siblings & Friends


parent child relationship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk

Sibling relationships

When it works well, a sibling relationship is strong, supportive and solid. However, that is not the case for all siblings and my clients are people who do not have supportive relationships with a sibling, and for whom that lack of a working relationship is causing them great distress.

There are many reasons why these relationships might not work, and I am experienced in helping clients to work through the situation and find a path through.

Loss of a friendship

The breakdown of a friendship can be a really distressing experience. Often our friends are the people who know us best, who have seen us through our successes and failures and always been there to lean on. When this relationship falls apart then, you can be left feeling upset and even betrayed.

You may feel that you can’t talk about this breakup with others, they may not understand why you are so upset about the loss of a friendship. But I know that friends can be closer than family sometimes, and the loss of a friendship means that you could be second-guessing your ability to know and trust people.

If this is what you are going through, then I would be honoured to help you work through the ending of your friendship and to move forward without regrets.

friendship breakdown counselling adrienne kirk

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